What is an Escorting Service?

What is an Escorting Service

Escorting is a new name given to ages old profession prostitution, In earlier days prostitution was one among different professions taken by women as well as men. There even used to be the concept of sex slaves  which was dominant in European countries. Every human being has different needs like food,clothing,shelter etc.. Like them even they have some physical needs. For some they may be normal and for few they may be at peak levels. Depending on person to person intensity of needs may vary but needs remain the same. Prostitution is bit weird to hear, for that the refined term is Escorts. Prostitution means taking the money to provide the sexual benefits to someone who is paying the money. Prostitution or prostitutes would be seen by the society in a unconventional manner but people fail to understand under what circumstances they have taken that step to  enter into the unusual profession.

On the other hand Escorting is a refined and decent term given to prostitution, In this also we find people who have taken this profession for different reasons like few have taken for their livelihood and few to lead a lavish life, Whatever reasons it might be but definitely i can say majority of people have chosen this path out of their helplessness to survive or to get livelihood. There are also cases where people are pushed into this profession taking advantage of their innocence.

Due to globalisation how the world is being developed rapidly with the same pace even escorting is also taking the modern methods of running the business by using internet technologies and social media etc. Before taking any steps to curb it totally intelligentsia should give a proper solution which should be applicable to equal masses.

Ultimately i would like to conclude by saying that Escorting Service is nothing but being paid to provide sexual services to clients/customers.

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